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Preventing modern slavery and transforming lives in Southeast Europe

Special Appeal

Thousands of vulnerable young people are trafficked throughout Europe every year
We urgently need your help to prevent modern slavery and turn lives around

FSCI works to break the cycle of poverty and marginalisation for some of the most vulnerable individuals and communities in Southeast Europe. We prevent exploitation and human trafficking, helping to effect positive change throughout the region.

Life Transforming Projects

Latest News and Updates

House of Opportunity
June 14, 2018

Distant dreams draw closer

Goran and Kristina are brother and sister who were placed into foster families. Kristina experienced…
House of Opportunity
May 17, 2018

Family ties that bind

A young House of Opportunity resident was tempted to travel to another country on the…
Early Years Education
May 12, 2018

Investing in the next generation – building on the last

FSCI's Early Years Education Programme has received support from the International Women's Club (IWC) -…