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Preventing modern slavery and transforming lives in Southeast Europe

Slavery is not only a stain on human history – it is a curse on our modern world.

Millions of men, women and children are enslaved around the globe. Vulnerable people are being trafficked into slavery at an increasing rate. Legalised prostitution and the desire for super-cheap labour and low-cost consumer goods are dragging people into lives of degradation and despair on a scale not seen before.

And it’s happening on our doorstep. Many thousands of young people are trafficked from Southeast Europe every year. FSCI and its partners work with vulnerable individuals and communities to prevent exploitation and human trafficking, but we need your help to prevent modern slavery and turn more lives around.

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News and Stories: Combating modern slavery and extreme poverty

June 18, 2020

Slavery is not only a stain on human history – it is a curse on our modern world

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