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COVID-19 Appeal: Urgent help for vulnerable families

The Coronavirus pandemic poses an enormous threat to Roma communities: Shut away from society, facing new lockdowns and loss of income, the fear of disease in the crowded and often very unhygienic conditions is creating an unprecedented level of anxiety.

Our team in Fakulteta, a large Roma community of fifty thousand plus people in Sofia, are helping people where they can. Connected through the community centre that FSCI funds, our team is providing advice and practical assistance to families in dire need. FSCI can divert some of the funding set aside for our community kindergarten, which is currently closed, but we need your help too.

By donating to our Roma Kindergarten Appeal you can help our team as they support families affected by the crisis.

Thousands of vulnerable young people are trafficked throughout Europe every year. FSCI works with individuals and communities to prevent exploitation and human trafficking, and helps to effect positive change throughout Southeast Europe. We want to prevent people from being drawn into modern slavery, and we urgently need your help to turn lives around. 

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