Opening the school door for forgotten children

Your donations will be used to help our teams support marginalised children and families in Southeast Europe.


Opening the school door for forgotten children

£3 a month will help transform access to education in the poorest communities in Southeast Europe.

The children shut out of education

Hundreds of thousands of children suffer extreme poverty in Southeast Europe, with the majority living in Roma communities, where prostitution and criminal exploitation are rife. These communities are often cut-off from the world outside by language, discrimination and lack of services. One vital missing service is education – with less than 20% of Roma children in the region completing secondary school is it any wonder that these communities act like traps for those who are born and raised there?

Thousands of Roma families cannot get access to crucial kindergartens for their children. Without this the children are shut out of the school system and so condemned to a life of poverty and desperation.

Early Years Education Programme

Our Early Years Education Programme consists of special kindergartens tailored to individual communities. By working together with families we aim to provide a vital pathway into education for marginalised children.

Find out more about how the programme works here.


Sevda is part of the team at the Fakulteta kindergarten in Sofia. She is a keen advocate of education in Roma communities.

“Since my early years I have been volunteering in different NGOs that work in our community. After graduating as an assistant tutor I became part of the FSCI team that works in the neighbourhood of Fakulteta where I grew up and still live. I want to be a good example for the young people in our community and to help them and their parents change their attitudes towards education and early marriages”.

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