Help us fight against modern slavery and exploitation through your own cycling adventure.

Design your challenge, attract sponsors, and ride against the traffic.


Every year tens of thousands of young people throughout Southeast Europe leave state and foster care, taking enormous risks just to survive. Many fall prey to human traffickers, who exploit them through forced prostitution or labour, and suffer a life of degradation and poverty.


The House of Opportunity Programme empowers vulnerable young people to break out of poverty and lead successful independent lives – preventing them from being trafficked, or drawn into a life of crime and homelessness, at risk of abandoning their own future children.

When life isn't a game...

Ivayla grew up in state care in Bulgaria. After an unsuccessful attempt to return her to her family, Ivayla was faced with having nowhere to go. Hope seemed to come in an offer to go and play football with a girl’s team in Vienna, Austria. Ivayla loves football, but the director of her old orphanage was worried – bogus sports teams are a ploy used by traffickers to lure vulnerable young people. The director got in touch with us and arranged a meeting with Ivalya, who chose instead to join the House of Opportunity Programme.

The House of Opportunity kept Ivalya safe and gave her the support she needed to make positive choices – she is now married with a family of her own and told us in 2018 that “I have everything I dreamed of. I will never forget what you did for me”.

Will you help vulnerable young people like Ivalya by riding against the traffic?

Ride against the traffic

If you love cycling, why not set yourself, or a group of friends, a riding challenge this year? Do something that will help you get active or stretch yourself to a new level. By gathering sponsorship for FSCI you can enjoy what you love, and add purpose by raising funds that will help prevent young people like Ivalya from being trafficked from the Balkans into the insatiable sex industry of Western Europe, or its modern slavery enabled black economy.

You can set your own challenge or choose from a whole host of different events. You could ride up Everest (or aim even higher…) take to the track with a group of mates and set your own distance challenge, ride across England, do Battle on the Beach, or take on the Three Peaks cycle challenge! See for even more ideas.

Options for encouraging sponsors and collecting donations include (zero fee platform) and GoFundMe, where you can can search “FSCI” and set up a fundraising page for your challenge or event. GoFundme also offers you the option to create a special team page. Both sites will transfer funds to FSCI, and even take care of any Gift Aid, meaning you won’t have to worry about handling any money.

Don’t forget to get in touch and tell us all about your particular challenge! E-mail us at

So, put those pedals to the metal – set yourself the challenge, and ride against the traffic!


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The Foundation for Social Change and Inclusion (FSCI) works in partnership with local communities and organisations to combat poverty and marginalisation in Southeast Europe. Led by a dedicated team in Sofia, FSCI is responsible for launching these programmes throughout the greater Balkan region.

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