How to make your Christmas box

Two options – Everything you need to get started.

Using the Christmas Box leaflet

If you would prefer to make a box using the older style leaflets, you can download one using the ‘Download’ button. Simply print out and follow the instructions. You can download extra labels below.

You can still make a shipping donation online using this method.

Download Leaflet  Download Labels  Download Poster

Online – Follow the three steps below

Everything you need to get involved is provided below. Here you will find detailed instructions on how to pack a Christmas box, a list of gift ideas for each age group to get you inspired, an easy way you can donate online to cover the transport costs of your box and details on how to get your box to us.


Find a shoebox, wrap it and fill it with presents

Find an old shoebox. Ideally a regular sized one (max size 395mm long x 240mm wide x 118mm deep). Wrap the bottom of the box and the lid separately in festive paper. Use an elastic band to secure the lid.

Decide who you’d like the box to go to – see age/sex categories and suggestions on what to put in your box using the ‘Categories & Suggestions’ button below (we need more boxes for boys!).

Fill your box with goodies. Place each item unwrapped in the box. Items such as shampoo should be placed in a clear plastic bag.

Things to consider when preparing your box:
Variety Add something warm, something fun, toiletries, sweets etc.
Condition New or nearly new in good, working order
Quality Ask yourself, “would I be happy to receive this box..?”
Category We always need more boxes for older boys and men


Make a shipping donation

We ask for a £3.00 donation per box to help cover their transport and distribution. The best way to do this is online – this will help us to cut admin costs and is simpler for you too! It’s really easy, just click the button below to get started.

Once you have completed the online donation you will be sent a confirmation slip by e-mail which you will need to print off and put into your box.


Get your box to us

Boxes can be delivered to your participating school, church or organisation (who will set deadlines for delivery) or to:

Dates & locations will be announced in the autumn.

Please get your completed Christmas boxes to us by Friday 22nd November.