Social Enterprises

Helping vulnerable young people develop key skills and find employment.

Securing their futures

Lack of basic education and interpersonal skills are a major barrier to young state care leavers finding employment. We believe that with training and support these young people will have a greatly improved chance of finding a job. FSCI develops social enterprises to equip vulnerable young people for employment and the ability to provide for themselves and, one day, their families.

HOPe Restaurants  – Sofia

Launched in October 2016, this initiative aims to provide training and employment for young residents of the Sofia-based Houses of Opportunity. In time a range of courses will be developed to provide qualifications that can be taken into the world of catering, retail and customer service.

Sunrise Carwash – Burgas

Staffed by young people from the House of Opportunity in Burgas, this carwash is a great place to learn basic skills including teamwork, customer service and marketing.

HOPe Soap

“HOPe SOAP” engages House of Opportunity residents in productive activity, providing a sense that their contribution matters and develops communication, relationship and basic business and personal skills. The soaps they produce are sold to wedding parties, corporate events and through shops in Sofia.